It can be difficult to host events for a lot of people and make sure there is something for everyone to eat. You can find a lot of recipes on my blog that will feed gluten, dairy and sugar free people, as well as feed people that eat anything and everything. I coordinate a lot of events, from 20-200 people. Here are some ideas. 

For events with 20-50 people that you might be doing all of the cooking, here are some suggestions. 
1. Mexican is a great idea. People can create a bowl without the taco shells and still have lettuce or rice with meat and whatever toppings they can eat.

2. Stir Fry is another great option, as long as some of your main dishes are gluten free. For example, make some vegetable and chicken main dishes and fix rice and/or quinoa that people can eat with their stir fry. In your gluten free main dish, use Bragg's amino acids or coconut amino's instead of soy sauce for people that can't have soy.

3. Grilled chicken or steak is great with some grilled vegetables and lettuce on the side. People can make a salad topped with chicken or they can eat the chicken and vegetables.

4. Roast is another good one. It feeds a lot of people and you can have a variety of side dishes. Just add some carrots to your roast while it is cooking and serve with mashed potatoes or other vegetables.

5. If you are hosting more than 50 people and want to order food instead of cooking it, chick-fil-a is an option. Order sandwiches and buy your chips and cookies separate. Sam's Club or Costco is a good option for chips and cookies. Order grilled chicken salads for those that are gluten free. Just salad for vegetarians.

6. Another good option for a lot of people is barbecue. Whether you are cooking it yourself or having it catered, just make sure there isn't any gluten in the barbecue sauce. For people who are gluten free, they can eat the meat without the bun. Green beans and cole slaw are good side options. 

7. We lead a missional community each week in our home. We have 40+ people and we all eat together. Everyone brings something. We have found the easiest way to do this is to have a theme like Mexican or Italian or soup and sandwiches, etc. We have a few gluten-free people and can count on them to bring a dish that all of the gluten free people can eat. Veggies and hummus are always good or some kind of salad.

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